Saturday, April 20

Welcome To The 120th Masterpiece Monday

This weeks MM is dedicated to the families and victims of the Boston Marathon.  I'm amazed by the enormously great job the police did in finding out who did this and capturing the remaining terrorist so fast. I would also like to acknowledge the medical and other people who helped the injured immediately following the bombing. I pray for the Lord's comfort to all who were affected by this very sad incident.


Joseph Eli Libby, 20, of Boston, carries a flag near a makeshift memorial on Boylston Street, near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Friday, April 19, 2013, in Boston. Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured in Watertown, Mass. The 19-year-old college student wanted in the bombings was taken into custody Friday evening after a manhunt that left the city virtually paralyzed and his older brother and accomplice dead. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) (The Associated Press)

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  1. Thanks for hosting the party. I love the picture! God bless America!

  2. Thank you so much for the great party! Hope you are having a good weekend. God bless America, indeed!See you on Monday! Big hugs,

  3. Thanks for hosting! Wishing you a lovely Sunday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. I was glued to the TV for most of the day yesterday and was thrilled that they finally captured him...

    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  5. Thank God they were caught / dealt with. Cannot fathom such evil to be present in human beings :(

  6. What a tribute to such a terrible happenings. I have been following it on the news and they have done a fantastic job apprehending him. My prayers go out to all of them. So hard to understand the meaning behind it all. Thanks for letting us party.

  7. My heart goes out to them too and glad to see the bombers were caught...Christine

  8. The medical help given at the race by so many and full force of resources that were used to such success in this tragedy by those hard working men and women are a tribute to the American spirit.

    Thank you for hosting Mary.


  9. So much tragedy recently so thanks for sharing this post. Enjoy linking up to your lovely party. New follower on GFC.

  10. Thanks for hosting Mary. A very tough week, so many wonderful people working together to solve such a horrendous deed, and such a tragedy.

  11. thank you for hosting,I'm linked.will come back later for visit,come see me.
    Hope the weather is great on the west coast.
    Things seem to be getting better,we have been on edge also.
    Have a blessed week.

  12. Thank you for the dedication Mary. We should all be praying for those in Boston and Texas who have experienced tragedies.

    Thanks for hosting the party! Have a wonderful week!

    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  13. Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful week ;)
    Jamie @

  14. Yes the Boston episode was awful and I guess we live in times where this will go the rest of our lives

    thanks for hosting for us all today

  15. I second your sentiments, Mary! Thanks for hosting!...hugs...Debbi

  16. Thanks for having me at the party.

    Thank you for dedicating your party to the resilient Bostonians.