Saturday, February 8

Welcome To The 162nd Masterpiece Monday!

Why am I showing you a picture of a towel?

Have you ever wondered how to remove melted wax?  I've seen this technique done for carpet and googled around and found out that the same technique works for terry cloth.  I wanted to see how easily it worked and it was easy and fast.  And best of all , I didn't have to throw away a perfectly nice towel! 

If you have any large bits of wax you can first remove them by freezing the wax with an ice cube, or I just put my towel in a plastic bag in in the freezer for several hours.

 Once the wax is frozen, you can gently scrape it off with a spoon or butter knife. 

To remove the remaining wax residue, cover the wax with butcher paper and iron. I used the high/dry setting. Lift the paper and repeat on a fresh section of paper until all of the wax is gone. 

Lastly,  toss your towel in the washer.


Faux Roman Shade by Techie"s DIY Adventures

Drop Cloth And Lace Purse by Vintage Paint And More

IMG 2590 373x500 Mosaic Fireplace
Mosaic Fireplace by Rose Colored Glasses

Welcome To The 161st Masterpiece Monday!Boogieboard Cottage

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