Wednesday, September 21

Roger's Gardens Halloween Boutique Part 1 Sleeping Beauty

Every year, Roger's Gardens in Corona Del Mar, Ca., puts on a spectacular Halloween display.  This years theme is "Grimm" Tales.  A dark twist on the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales. 
I always have a difficult time editing down the number of pictures I take every year and this year was no different!

I've decided to just break the pictures down into different posts.

Everywhere you look, there's something to see, their decorators really have a lot of imagination! The book pages look as if they're flying off of the shelves on their own......

The book pages end here at this desk and when you walk up to it.........

BOOO! a screaming image of a ghost appears!

This section of the boutique is the "Sleeping Beauty" area. Here is replica of the famous spinning wheel from the tale.

And here is Sleeping Beauty, much different looking from the original versions, much more macabre. They have lightning flashing on and off behind her, barefoot and sans tresses wandering through the forest with her eyes closed. Pretty creepy.

Down by her feet, you can purchase all types of scary goods. The cat skeleton freaks me out a little.

There are shelves full of skeleton parts and other skeleton related items.

                                      Here is a link, if you want to see more of Grimm Tales!

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