Thursday, December 29

Festus Was Not "Just A Cat"

Sadly, last July 28th, we had to say good-bye to our beloved Festus. He was 16 years old and became very ill suddenly and pasted away. It was a shock to us and to be honest we are still not yet over it.

This picture was taken last Christmas, I had just walked into the living room and Festus was already posed this way and I decided to take a picture of him, I'm glad that I did.  He was my baby. He was one of the three Orphaned kittens my husband brought home from work, He was so young and small that he couldn't even walk yet and we had to bottle feed him every 2 hours.  When he matured, he was so loving and you could pick him up and hold him. He had a distinct behavior of chewing on his forearm-hair and purring at the same time when he was happy. I've never had a cat that did that. He and our other two cats all have their own separate personalities. Festus was very intelligent and you could see that in his expressive eyes.

 When I told a few people I knew, about his passing away, they looked at me blankly with a "he was just a cat, so get over it" look on their face and said nothing. They didn't say anything like, "I'm so sorry for your loss".
I don't care if you like cats or not, we were grieving and as a friend, don't they at least care about what we were going through?

I'm so thankful that God had blessed me with him. I'm glad that I got to love him and that I never took him for granted. I pray that as we all go into this new year, that we all always remember to be grateful for all that God has put into our lives and to remember to be a comfort, no matter how small, to others when they need it.

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