Saturday, October 29

Kite Flying at The Beach

I love living close to the beach.  It makes it so easy to think up some fun dates with my husband for very little money, like kite flying. Although, you don't need to live by the beach to go kite flying , any park or open space will do!  Where I live, we have an abundance of power lines everywhere, so the beach is the best spot. And I love going to the beach every chance I get anyway!

This is sort of part two of our date, the night before, is when we visited the kite store on the pier and choose our new kite, which is in my previous post.

Hubby unfolded the kite and got it set up and ready. It was a nice windy day.  I did my part by taking pictures and holding the kite down with my foot, those are my toes in the lower right hand corner, they match the kite, kinda.

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