Sunday, February 22

Model Home Patio Tour and Linky Party #216

Residence One
Spring is just around the corner and some of you might be thinking about sprucing up your outdoor area. Whether you own acres of land or just own or rent a home with a small outdoor space, it's nice to have a cozy and functional patio area for yourself and a few guests. I wanted to share a last model home tour of the outside spaces where they really made the most out of their small spaces.  Here in the suburban coastal area of Southern California, real estate is at a premium. That means outdoor spaces, particularly in  newer homes, are small. Why is it so expensive here? These photos were taken in January and the temperature was 80 degrees, that's why! If you miss the snow, it's just an hour and a half drive to the local mountain ski resorts. Surf in the morning, snow ski in the afternoon. I love living here. Yes, I am bragging. Don't hate me, today it's dark and cloudy and raining. Boy, we sure need the water!

If you love greenery in your outdoor space, but don't have a lot of room, a great idea is always container gardening.  If you also want almost maintenance free container garden, choose drought tolerant plants. Succulents are my favorite and they're so easy and attractive.

Another space saving trick with greenery is to go vertical. In this space they planted bamboo all along the fence. It's drought tolerant, grows fast, provides privacy, and is pretty to look at. It's perfect for a planter, because it will take over your yard if it's not contained. It's actually a member of the grass family!

The jacuzzi is a perfect choice for this size of yard and is more cost effective and lower maintenance than a pool. You could turn off the heater in the Summer and use it to cool off in. I like the light feature in it. It makes the backyard look romantic at night. The tiled wall at the rear of the jacuzzi is actually a waterfall, and makes a beautiful water sound.

I really like the wooden decking (no lawn mower needed) and how they added additional wood to the tops of the planter walls for extra seating. You could seat a lot of people in this little yard!

How would you like to watch T.V. while sitting in your jacuzzi?

Or maybe watch the game with Hubby in front of the outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor ceiling fan is always a great idea.  I don't have one. But I've been known to use a regular plug in fan outside.

Residence Two

They planted some tall growing trees along the wall and added some potted plants in all three model home patio areas. I love the brickwork they put into this one.

This are has an outdoor fireplace with the extra bonus of also having a pizza oven, how cool!

It also functions as extra eating on either side of the fireplace.

And surprise, around the corner is a miniature garden with three fountains.
I like that soothing, trickling, water sound. There are tutorials on the web that show you how easy and inexpensive these are to make.
And between each fountain, you can grow your organic herbs to add to your pizza your baking in your outdoor oven.

Residence Three

I could do some serious weekend napping in this chair!

I really like the cement planter. This would be so easy to knock off using bricks. 
They really chose some pretty colors of succulents for it too. 

You could live out here all Summer, with a grill and refrigerator set up like this and a comfy couch and fire place at night.

 Plenty of room for company too. Just wake me up when the burgers are ready, I'll be sleeping on the big chair!

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  4. I love the comparison of three different decor and landscape options in the same basic footprint layout, all look great hard to choose a favorite one....

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