..: May 10, 2009

Sunday, May 10

Metamorphosis Monday and Blue Monday

Headboard make-over and mini tour of my bedroom.
My favorite color is blue, but I also have some purple/lavender decor items that are sentimental to me, that I just can't let go of. I decided to keep my room makeover white and beige neutral with blue and lavender accents. The paint I used and always use, is free from the city recycling center. I've painted all of my furniture and my walls and kitchen cabinets with it! It has saved a bundle and helps the environment by not going in a landfill. The bedding and butterfly net were all free from Freecycle.org and match the ceiling fan shade I found at Goodwill. The beautiful dragon lily original oil painting I inherited from my parents as well as the side table underneath it. The blue and lavender peacock pattern stained glass lamp my husband and I picked from the swap-meet when we were first married and the print on the wall is our marriage license. I also showed close ups of the butterflies, some of which have blue rhinestones, and the pillowcase has a light touch of blue.

Thank you, Susan for hosting Metamorphosis Monday. Please visit Susan's blog at this link: Between Naps On Porch to see all of the talented Metamorphosis posts! :O)

Also, thank you, Sally for hosting Blue Monday. Please visit Sally's blog at this link: Smiling Sally to see all of the talented Blue Monday posts! :O)

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