..: May 24, 2009

Sunday, May 24

Blue Monday-Happy Memorial Day!

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My Very First Mosaic Monday!

These are some fruit and flowers from my yard. I wanted to thank Mary at Little Red House for hostessing Mosaic Monday. Please click on the link to visit her blog and view all of the lovely mosaics! :O)


Metamorphosis Monday

Metamorphosis Of A Tin Can

I thought I would share my really frugal, super easy charcoal starter secret with everyone since Memorial Day signals the start of Barbecue season (at least to us). You can use a coffee can or in this case I used a huge can of chili from Smart and Final. All you need to do is completely open both ends with a can opener, next you poke holes all the way around the bottom with a pointy bottle opener. And last make a hole on either side of the top of the can using a hammer and nail and string a coat hanger through for a handle. I store mine in the garage to slow down the rusting process, but these are pretty much free to make, so when it gets a little too rustic looking, make another. You can buy these for around $10.00, but why spend money that you don't have to spend? And recycling is the green way to go. Not only does this save money on lighter fluid (you won't need one drop) it saves you money on charcoal, because you can use the least expensive, not-easy-to-light brand. I even used an open bag once that had sat in the garage for a year.

Easy Directions:


stuff the can with a lot of news paper

top the can with one layer of coals

remove the top grill and place can on the bottom of the BBQ

light the bottom of the can, it should start smoking

relight (common) in a few minutes if nessecary

let burn until newspaper is gone and coals are a little grey

using a mitt or tongs, carefully lift the can out of the BBQ by the handle

add the amount of coals you'll need and replace top grill, viola!

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