..: Mar 30, 2016

Wednesday, March 30

Week 3 of The Bible Journaling Challenge

Hi Everyone!

This is week 3 for March, of "Heaven Is Calling" Bible Art Journaling Challenge Series from Rebekah R Jones.  So now we're all caught up and on the next Bible journaling post I can share week 4 for April.

Rebekah supplied us with a free down loadable print out for this week. Once I downloaded it directly into my computer, it printed out easily and fit my Bible page perfectly without re-sizing, YAY!

On Rebekah's blog she lists all of the information about the products you can use and where to purchase them. I purchased this Saral graphite transfer paper she suggested on Amazon and I love it! It was very affordable and I like that it comes in a roll.

I rolled out my transfer paper and cut it to fit the print out.  The transfer paper can be reused many times, so I saved it for a future project. I used a pencil to trace around the design.

I've decided that I really love watercolor paints.  I bought them several months ago waiting for inspiration to strike. I also have another smaller pallet of them. A little goes a long way with them and you just cannot beat the price. So, I'm pretty sure that they are going to stay as my paint of choice for Bible Art Journaling.  For the background I started with my lightest blue.

The next step in the original that I am following used a stencil with tiny polka dot holes in it.
I decided instead to use a splatter method, because that would be a way to get a similar look for free.  I cut out the design pieces to cover the portion I wanted to protect from the splatter. I was careful to splatter straight down and not sideways, because I was using regular copy paper. Rebekah used large post-it paper which held all of the edges down.

I used my darkest blue and really loaded my brush up with paint. Then I made sure that the wax paper covering the opposite page was straight and started tapping the brush against my hand all over the page.

                                                                    That was fun!

Here is the page after the pieces of paper were removed, it worked out pretty well!

After I let the page dry completely, it was time to add the yellow and red watercolor paint. I used a very tiny size 2 brush and took my time.

After all of the paint had dried, I added some gray shading with a Crayolla twistable and out lined the design with a black micron pen.

 Please visit Rebekah R Jones on You Tube to view the original tutorial and devotional!