..: Mar 5, 2010

Friday, March 5

Home Depot Drop Cloth Slipcovered Couch

When my husband and I bought this couch, we didn't have any kids and only had one small cat. Now we have two teen aged boys and four cats. It has been a plan of mine to make a slipcover for this couch, not because I want to (it's 18' long) but because I need to! Because of it's unique length and shape, there aren't any pre-made slip covers that will fit it. Below is a before picture, It was becoming soiled looking even though I cleaned it a lot.
Below are the after pictures. I'm really happy with the drop cloth canvas I bought in the Home Depot paint dept. I bought two of the largest sizes and the entire project cost me $60.00.

All I did was pre-wash the fabric once and follow some online tutorials I found on making your own slip covers. *(I didn't follow any particular tutorial, I've just read a few over the past year, and had it in my head of what to try) I'm not the best seamstress at all, but I took my time (about 2 weeks) and it was pretty simple.

The canvas is surprisingly very soft, yet very durable. I love the color and texture of it and it looks natural and beachy.

Even making the matching cord trim was easier than I thought. The whole couch is less formal and cosier now.

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Frugalicious Friday

I found this lamp today at GW for only $14.99. I like the modern, yet natural, beachy look. The glass has little bubbles in it, I don't think it shows up very well in pictures though.....

I already had the lamp shade, I might keep my eyes out for one in wicker for it.

Here's another shot trying to get the bubbley glass to show up.

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Super Easy & Not Just For Breakfast

I love yogurt, it's great for your digestive tract and like milk, it's the perfect balance of protein and carbohydrates, as long as you buy plain yogurt without the tons of sugar added to the flavored ones. Most of the time all I add is Splenda (No, I don't work for Splenda) and fresh fruit and sometimes a little vanilla extract. Sometimes I like to experiment, so I tried peanut butter. I buy non-fat yogurt, so this was a great way to add healthy fat. The peanut butter really added something to the texture and now this is something I would also enjoy eating as a dessert or as a quick, healthy, meal replacement. Add fruit like a banana and you have a good source of potassium too.

Peanut Butter Yogurt With Bananas

One cup of fat free plain yogurt

3 packets of Splenda or equivalent of preferred sweetener

2 tablespoons of all natural peanut butter

mix well-that it!

Add fruit, granola, sugar-free jam or anything you like.
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Thrifty Finds At Goodwill

I found these cute miniature shoes at GW. They're slightly different from each other and look like they were part of some bigger collection? Anyhoo, they were 1.99 each, that day they were also half off. I just love them,
I also found for 2.99, a black embroidered photo box, with a shiny, neutral colored, floral print, miniature photo album.

I love the lace and bows and rhinestone buckles on these little shoes!

Here is a close up of the photo box with machine embroidery.

And a close up of the small photo album

Each page is plastic covered and holds one picture each.

I added some vintage family photos to the box, on all four sides. The black fabric goes really well with the black and white pictures.

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Vintage Spring Tablescape

These dishes have been passed down in my family.

They always reminded me of Spring when I was growing up.
I think they're from the Victorian era.
A very lovely coffee pot, I love the cabbage and butterfly design.
No fancy candle needed for this setting.

The table cloth, is the same one we used every year for Easter brunch.

My Dollar Tree bird has made a nest out of the salad plate.

Dainty little cappocino cups and saucers.

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White Wednesday

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More Spring~Scaping!

I'm still enjoying my 2 dollar, flea market Audubon book find!

My statue couple are enjoying the day in their Spring setting.

Communing with the butterflies....

strolling through the mossy greenness.

Enjoying the flowers and the nesting birds,

watching all of the little spring critters...

a croaking frog....

a little brown rabbit.

There's nothing like going barefoot,

and enjoying........

the simple pleasures of Spring!

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Blue Monday and Mosaic Monday

A Sunday afternoon walk at the Huntington Beach pier with hubby.

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