..: Apr 23, 2010

Friday, April 23

Do you Freecycle?

I love Freecycle! They are a nation wide organization of local websites where people giveaway and receive FREE stuff! I've gotten so much stuff from Freecycle. And when ever I need to get rid of something, that's where I list it! Their mission is to keep excess trash out of landfills. I love their green attitudes! To find a local Freecycle by you or learn how to start one in your area, click HERE. Anyhoo, I got a huge stack of rub-on numbers and letters and one sheet of stick-on numbers the other day from Freecycle. I decided to decorate the ping pong balls I found at a yard sale, for a quarter.

Just a close up of how thick the stack of decals are. I can make tons of projects with these.

I used the handy dandy packaging the ping pong balls came with to paint them.

Even the paint I use is free. My local trash dump recycles paint and other household chemicals, which are still viable. You can go to a special section and pick what you want for free! So, I used my free white spray paint on my yard sale ping pong balls.

I cut out some numbers and used scotch tape to steady them. Then just rubbed the numbers on. I did run into a glitch...the numbers cracked do to the roundness of the balls. I started to use a sharpie to fill in the cracks with great success. But then I decided that I like the shabby look of the cracks and liked also that it was the lazier way to go, which is very appealing right there.

So I left 'em as is and I really like that they only cost 25 cents and helped the land fills.
Ping Pong anyone?

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