..: Sep 5, 2010

Sunday, September 5

Autumnizing Old Rusty

This fire place came with our home. We never light it, it's never cold enough. It's a bit rusty looking too. But I like it and I like rusty looking things, so it's staying.

This is the way I had "Old Rusty" decorated for the Summer time, and pretty much most of the year. But now it's time to dress him up for Fall.

I emptied the sand out of the mason jars and filled them with fake leaves and topped the jars with hurricanes.
I strung some twine with clothes pins, paper leaves and vintage photos.
This vintage ceramic coffee pot was missing it's lid and I paid $1.50 for it at GW.

This is a collection of white ceramic squashes I found at GW for dirt cheap during the off season.

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Give A Hoot, Make It Cute!

(Sorry) That was a bit corny....but sometimes I run out of names for posts.

Anyway, I found a really cute wooden frame with hooks at GW for only $5.99.  So I decided move my ocean scape to my bedroom and decorate the new frame for Fall in it's place.

After cleaning it up a bit.....
I searched through my Audubon books for some Fall pictures of birds. The book below is a loose leaf book, so.....
I copied them and reduced the size to fit the frames.
I just cut them out and slid them in.
Viola! Fall bird watching anyone?
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Nearly Free Fall Decorating

Sometimes, ideas come when you're least expecting them. We were walking in the park last weekend and I found this tree branch. Immediately, I knew I wanted it for some type of project. I ignored stares of the other strolling park goers, who were probably wandering why I was carrying around a tree branch! My husband and I thought it was funny. Anyway, I digress........

I gathered together some really nice fall stamps that were free to me from Freecycle. If you know me, you know how I love Freecycle.
I grabbed my black ink pad and a handful of wooden clothes pins from a huge bag I bought at the 99 Cent Store.

Then I just went to town stamping clothes pins. It was a lot of fun!
I took out my Grandma's old photo's, of which I have tons, and decorated the branch.  I love vintage photo's, especially since they're of my actual family. And I love finding different ways to display them.
So easy.....
And I love the whimsy of it.
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Easy~Peasy Fall Candy Corn Pillow Tutorial

I always seem to be a little short on Fall decor, so this year I'm trying to remedy that. I'm not really a great seamstress, but I know that if I can make a slip cover for a huge L shaped couch out of a drop cloth, I can make a Fall pillow out of the scraps.

It was super easy. I went through some felt pieces I already had and cut out a hand drawn pattern out of copy paper. Then I cut the pattern into 3 pieces.
I simply pinned the patterns and traced with a ball point pen.
I selected one large square of drop cloth fabric, that way I only had to sew up 3 sides. (lazy huh?) I pinned the cut out felt pieces where I wanted them.
I used a fabric pen for the saying.
Set my machine to a nice zig zag stitch.....
and first I sewed along the perimeter of the "candy corn".
Then I sewed across to tack down the other edges. I finished by turning the pillow inside out and stitching the 3 edges of the pillow closed leaving a little hole opened at the bottom.
I turned it right side out, stuffed it with plastic grocery sacks (remember to reuse) And I safety pinned it closed. (lazy again)
It's actually comfortable with the plastic sacks in it, huh.... who would have thought?  Although crinkly sounding. This is mostly for decoration purposes, because you can't wash the felt. But it was free to make from the scraps I already had on hand, love that!
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