..: Nov 8, 2010

Monday, November 8

Burlap and Silver Pipe Cleaners

 Here are the before shots of some picture frame/wall shelf thingies that I did for Fall.
Here are the after shots....... I used burlap and silver pipe cleaners, (I seem to be addicted to sparkly pipe cleaners now.)

All I did was hot glue the burlap onto the picture backing and form and hot glue the pipe cleaners on, super, super easy! And I think the piper cleaners give it a kind of vintage look to me.
I also spray painted both pieces and lightly sanded the edges to give them a bit of a shabby feel.
And oh!.............Attention all Walmart shoppers, I found these mercury glass acorn ornaments for only two dollars each, in silver and turquoise!
And I found little sparkly trees, two for a dollar at the 99 cent store! Yippee!!!!
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