..: Oct 12, 2009

Monday, October 12

Tablescape Thursday

The vintage bowls in the background were found at a yard sale and are my favorite Fall pattern.

My in-laws brought us some black flower shaped nesting bowls from Japan. I think they make cute tea light holders. I like the soft glow inside.

I rounded up what ever I could find around the house in orange and black, it was a challenge.

Lot's of white and beige helped stand in as a back drop. Let's pretend that my black parrot candle holder is really a black crow candle holder, there that's better!

Glowy tea light goodness.......

More glowy tea light goodness from another angle, ahhhh.

My black linen napkins wouldn't cooperate.
with me and the glasses, so I stuck a napkin ring on them first to make them behave.

More glowy goodness using an orange colored tea light inside a crackle glass votive, inside a creamy beige ceramic bowl.

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