..: Jun 20, 2009

Saturday, June 20

Mosaic Monday and Blue Monday

The Orange Count Fair is soon approaching, And for the first time ever, my husband and I each entered an event. My husband entered his sports book collection, and I'm entering the tablescaping competition! It's going to be so fun, I can't wait to post some pictures. I don't set up my table until July 7th, but last Friday my husband was required to bring by his collection. Afterword we strolled around the Centinial Farm they have there. It's just like real farm only in miniature. We got a few great gardening ideas and everything looked beautiful. You can click on the mosaic to enlarge. :O)

Please vist Mary at her blog, Little Red House, and check out all the really creative mosaics for Mosaic Monday. :O)

And also please visit Sally at her blog, Smiling Sally, to see all of the blue Monday posts. :O)

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Happy Fathers Day!

This is a post in honor of my father, Walt, or as I always called him "Daddy".

He and my mom adopted me when I was a baby. He didn't have to, he had six children from two previous marriages. My parents were older than the rest of my friends parents. His other children were actually grown adults when I came along and they all had their own children who were my age! My Dad was a police officer for the Los Angeles police Department for 20 years before I was born. That's him sitting on his Harley Davison motorcycle, pretty cool! He retired after a motorcycle accident broke dozens of bones in his body and should have killed him. He worked as a High School security guard as I was growing up. The kids at his school adored him, it wasn't just a job to him, him really cared about them. (That's a picture of him in our avacodo green 70's living room with my cat, Henry.) He was a wonderful father. He taught me how to garden, and he used to give me rides around the backyard in his wheelbarrow when I was little. He built me a two room playhouse with his own hands. He taught me how to paint my bedroom walls (I'm still the one who does the house painting around here because of him) He taught me how to make my own kite out of the funny papers and took me kite flying. He took me fishing and taught me how to bait a hook and clean a fish. He took me camping and to Disneyland, museums, and Sunday School. He always told me he loved me very much and nick named me "Dolly". He is the reason why I was able to choose my husband Charles. He set a good model for the type of man I should marry someday. He made me feel safe and happy and loved, and I never really felt adopted. I miss him very much, and I'm greatful to the Lord for blessing my life with such a wonderful father, and I know I'll see him again someday. :O)