..: Jul 13, 2013

Saturday, July 13

Welcome To The 132nd Masterpiece Monday!

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the sweet comments you guys always leave for me.  I love reading your comments and It always makes my day to read each and every one!

 This weeks masterpiece is a bench pillow I made.  It's not just any bench though.....it's the bench my hubby sits in to barbecue. It's his relax-alone-and-ponder-while-grilling-bench.  I thought I'd make it more comfy.
 I found this duvet at a yard sale for 5 dollars.  The grey color is perfect for the barbecue area, since it gets smokey and ashy everywhere. I already had the big, long pillow, that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. All I had to do was shorten the duvet. It already has a button closure on one end to slip the pillow in and out.  
 Viola! Very cushy and comfy. And my husband loves it! It was so easy too and less expensive than buying material and the buttons were already done, which would have been the most time consuming part. 
Boogieboard Cottage
I'm linking this week to The Scoop at Confessions Of A Plate Addict
2. Feel free to link up any of your masterpiece's whether they're crafts, recipes, decor, thrifty finds, etc. (Please no direct links to etsy).

Most of all, have fun!