..: Sep 27, 2013

Friday, September 27

Welcome To The 143rd Masterpiece Monday!

Hi! I've been trying to think up new ways to use up all of the free paint samples I've acquired recently. 
I decided to create a coastal style Fall pumpkin.
I know in this picture, it looks like I painted the pumpkin white, but it's actually a mint green color, called "Tranquility" by Valspar. The second color is "Poolside Blue" by Benjamin Moore.
I used zebra print tape, which comes in this nifty sheet, with a measuring peel-off grid on the back.
I just traced my seahorse on the back and cut it out.
As for the chevron pattern, I tried to find a way to use painters tape to make the design, but it pulled off the first coat of paint. 
So I just gave up and free handed it. 
I discovered that it's very hard to make straight geometric designs on an irregular shaped round object.
At least..... it was hard for me.  It was so much easier for me to free hand it. Although..... you just don't get the crisp, clean lines as you would with tape. But who cares? It was fun to do anyway!
After it was completely dry, I applied my giant zebra seahorse sticker and that was that, all done!
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Most of all, have fun!

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