..: Sep 14, 2010

Tuesday, September 14

I Won A Giveaway! And I'm Posting A Fall Tour Of Country Roads

Sue, of Just Practicing Random Acts Of Kindness, recently hostessed a giveaway and I was fortunate enough to win, yippee!

Below are pictures of her gracious giveaway;
 I love this bag! It's so cool!
 This bumper sticker was included and it's definitely going on my car, to remind other drivers (and myself) to be kind out there on the road! My statue couple agrees, even though they don't get out much. Sue also was generous enough to include  not one, not two, but three scented candles! I LOVE candles! My statue guy is holding the lemon souffle scented one, of which there were two. The third one is vanilla pumpkin spice scent. My husband smelled it and said " Oh, I wish we had some pumpkin spice cake". (That's nice dear, everyone needs to have a dream.)
 Here is close up of the details on this lovely purse!
 Even the inside is pretty!
 I love the sweet little bird.
 Also inside was this really spectacular book! I browsed through it on the way home and I just love it! It's about these wonderfully creative women. It's very inspiring and I want to say thank you to Sue for such a great giveaway and thank you to her very sweet grand daughter, Riley for picking my name. :O)
 Sue is also the owner of my very favorite antique store, Country Roads in Orange, Ca. And while I was in there today, I took pictures of all of the Fall decor. This is a very long tour, so I won't slow it down by commenting. Just enjoy all of the great Fall eye candy from Country Roads

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