..: Jul 3, 2012

Tuesday, July 3

My Top Ten Fav Picks Of MM #79

Happy 4th Of July!

Meet Tuxy......originally we called her Tennisee Tuxedo, until we discovered she was a girl.
We're glad she isn't homeless, because we really don't need a 5th cat!
She lives in the nieghborhood and likes to visit with our kitties everyday, for the past year. Sometimes she sneaks into the house and nibbles on our cat food, she thinks we don't know this.
Our cats do tolerate her some. Festus is still cautious, but braves an encounter, he's the most friendly toward her of all the cats. We'll be keeping our cats indoors on the 4th for sure. I hope Tuxy will be O.K. and stays home too.

And now for the top ten! If you were featured this week, feel free to help yourself to a featured button from my sidebar.

 I hope you all have a really safe and fun holiday!

4th Door Decoration by Made In A Day

Strawberry Salad by Paint Spreckled Pawprints

Crayon Stars by Match Made On Hudson

pillow 4
French Postcard Pillow by Confessions Of A Plate Addict

Vanity Makeover by The Concrete Cottage

Liberty Bell Embroidery by The Crafty Scientist

Bud Vase Garland by Knick Of Time

Strawberry Lemonade by Homestead Simple

Summer Decorating by Cherished Treasures

Patriotic Porch by In His Grip