..: Aug 14, 2011

Sunday, August 14

Welcome To The 33rd Masterpiece Monday!

Hello! How's your weekend? Ours started off with a FREE concert Friday night! It was offered by the O.C. Fair with admission.
We used our free fair tickets we received earlier, so we didn't even have to pay for admission. 

It was at The Pacific Amphitheater. Right next door to the fair. The bands playing were America and Three Dog Night!  The free seating was on the lawn area only.
But we didn't mind, we brought our soft fuzzy blanket and it was so nice and comfortable.
The lawn area is huge and quite a few people showed up.
We came early to get a great spot. This whole lawn was full by sundown.
The amphitheater isn't very big so we were still pretty close to the stage. America was fabulous.

It was so romantic listening to a great concert under the stars and snuggling up in a cozy blanket as the temperature dropped a little. We really had a great time.
And now....for the last part of my craft room reveal. Here is computer desk area with a storage cabinet.  A little bit bland. A little too vanilla.
I got a hold of some really great nautical maps and some regular road maps from Freecycle, yay! I didn't realize how much I liked nautical maps. I like the blue, beige and white and of course the ocean theme.
I measured and trimmed one down to place under the glass on my desk top. And I placed a second on the wall directly over the desk using plain silver tacks.
Next, I got a little crafty with some items I've been wanting to put in this area.
The bulletin board, I've had forever and the initial was from the dollar store. I used a California road map and a regular glue stick to cover the initial. The very bottom, center part of the initial Is where I live! Orange County, California.
It's pretty blurry, but see where it says Huntington Beach?
And to the right of it, I've framed a state map laying atop some burlap.
On the bulletin board I used some California scraps from the initial on the frame and hot glued burlap over the cork.  Can you tell that Charles is riding on the tea cup ride at Disneyland in this picture?
Here is cute little curb found side table that's acting as my printer table. I haven't done anything to the table yet, still deciding. My printer used to be stored away in a closet before being moved to this room. Now it gets a little dusty. And I don't like the look, so..............
I did a little quick sew job with some burlap.  Now the printer stays clean and hidden. It actually looks better since I took this picture, I lightly sprayed it with Downey wrinkle release and it's nice and smooth.
Remember how everyone "needed" a TV armoire and then they came out with flat screen?  Now it makes a great storage cabinet. It's been living in the garage too. I painted both the desk and armoire with free recycled paint.
It holds a lot!
The desk chair, I inherited from my parents, I grew up with it.  My dad reupholstered it himself. It's the chair I now use to blog in.

These sea grass baskets from a yard sale add even more storage.

I'm pretty happy with how this area turned out and it didn't cost me anything.
And I'm really excited to see what you've been up to this week!
Take care,

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