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Thursday, August 30

My Top Ten Picks Fromm MM #87


A Funny Little Anniversary Story

Last Tuesday was our 19th wedding anniversary. I made a breakfast quiche for hubby, which is special because I haven't made any in a long time. (our child doesn't like quiche).  I took pictures of it for a cooking tutorial I was going to post. We exchanged gifts. I had taken photos of the homemade bracelet and of the homemade wrapping paper that I was going to do a tutorial on. When it was time to leave the house to go have some anniversary adventures, I couldn't find my camera! I was panicking....but whew!  I finally located it. I was glad because I hadn't yet downloaded the pictures onto my laptop and I wanted to take some more of our fun day. We've been talking about going kayaking for years. So I suggested that we finally go do it. We went down to Huntington Harbour.  It was only $25.00 for a two person kayak for 2 hours.  After a brief instruction on the beach, we headed out. Immediately I noticed that the back part of the kayak, where I was sitting, was filling up with a few inches of water. Not wanting my precious camera to get wet, I moved it from my pocket and just stashed it under my T-shirt. Brilliant! So even though the entire back of my pants are soaking wet,  I'm trying to be a good sport. We paddled through the canals and under bridges and it was so much fun and so peaceful and relaxing. I was taking out my camera and snapping loads of pictures. My husband was having the time of his life.  After a while, we started to head back in. We both decided to see how fast we could paddle the kayak. We were going at top speed, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw my camera slip out from under my shirt and go plunk into the water! I just stared in horror.  My husband tried to make me feel better by laughing it off.  We went to Target to get a new camera. I wanted another red Kodak digital, like the one I had. Did you know that Kodak went out of business?
Target no longer carries them.  So I've been getting acquainted with my new Vivitar digital camera in shocking pink, the only color choice they had, but it'll do.   Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon. 

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free fall printables
Free Fall Printables by Second Chance To Dream

Art Board by Have A Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olson

Triple Berry Cobbler by Cookin' Up Good Times

Lampshade Transformation by Vintage Gal Style

Book Papered Wall by Number Fifty Three

Kitchen Makeover by Freckle Face Girl

Half Bath by Must Love Junk

Farmhouse Kitchen by Knick Of Time
IMG_3891Burlap Table Runner by Confessions Of A Plate Addict

Aqua Dresser Set by Reloved Rubbish