..: Feb 21, 2010

Sunday, February 21

A Frugal Solution

I really like this picture, but the print is slipping and I want to change to something black and white. What would the frugal yet aesthetic solution be? I took out the print and carefully rolled it up and saved it, it doesn't take up much room. Then I took out my free sheet music I got through Freecycle and a glue stick.

While I was watching TV, I glue stick-ed sheets onto the cardboard backing of the frame. It was fun, easy and fast. And I like the way it turned out.

I found the Eiffel Tower Picture at GW.

I also re-framed the favorite pencil sketch, the former frame was plain without a mat. I really like this frame from Big Lot's.

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Blue Pottey Barn

Hi Everyone, I found these gorgeous Pottery Barn Easter plates at
GW for $5.99. I love the patterrns and colors. I'm planning a future tablescape with these for sure.
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Mosaic Monday

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