..: May 17, 2013

Friday, May 17

My Top Ten Picks From MM #123

Hi, Do you ever watch that show called "The Middle" on ABC?
It's my favorite show and the Mother's Day episode was hilarious!
Here is a picture of the mom (Frankie) opening up her Mother's Day gift, thinking that her family remembered all of the hints she dropped them about what gift she wanted. 

And here is the disaster gift she actually got, hideous yellow pants! (non-returnable, because they were on sale too.)

So for Mother's Day, I received this cleverly crafted pair of yellow paper pants taped to some junior mints and some faux yellow flowers from my foster daughter, too funny! 

And hubby came through with some beautiful potted climbing hydrangeas.....
And the most delicious candy I've ever tried! What nice guy, he did good!

And now for the top ten! If your post was picked this week, feel free to grab a featured button from my sidebar. 

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