..: Aug 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11

Outdoor Wednesday

WARNING: Long winded photo spree up ahead! :O) Sorry, I just couldn't stop taking pictures! We went to the beach to try out the new boogieboards and had a blast, the waves were a little blown out and choppy, but that's the beauty of boogie boards, you can have fun with them in any kind of surf! Then we walked around across the street from the beach and inside the new hotel, I know, this is outdoor Wednesday, not indoor Wednesday. But the Shorebreak Hotel has an upstairs unique patio area outside that has sand and beach grasses and fire pits and cozy living areas that open to the outdoors with cool coastal breezes. :O)
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Seagull tracks


and new.

Art sculpture of a pier piling with bronzed barnacle's
The Shorebreak Hotel, just built this year.
Very cozy outdoor fire pit area!

I love the landscaping they put in.
You can see the beach from the downstairs lobby window.
Wow, that's some big patterned wall paper.
The hotel has surfboard lockers in the downstairs lobby.
I love this cool beachy furniture!

cool black and white picture from the 60's.

Hotel lounge area opens to the outdoors.

Hotel lobby art; Duke Kahanamoku (famous Hawaiian surfer)

Upstairs view from the hotel

Upstairs view from the hotel