..: Jan 17, 2013

Thursday, January 17

My Top Ten Picks From MM #106

Thank you. I'm so touched by your words of comfort and support for me during the very sad loss of my precious kitty, CooCoo.

Your kindness helped me and my husband who also read your messages, to feel a little bit better. 

I don't have any projects to share this week.  I spent a lot of my time working out my grief by organizing all of our cupboards and closets. I guess it helps because it gives you the illusion of control after you experience a situation which you don't have any control at all. 

The bible isn't clear either way on whether or not pets go to heaven, but I choose to believe that they do. I praise the Lord for blessing me with CooCoo as long as He did.  I love Him and His promise that I will have eternal life and that I'll see those I love again one day.  


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Prairie Goodness at Heaven's Walk

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