..: Jul 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13

Getting Ready For The O.C. Fair!

Hi Everyone! Well it's that time of year again, it's time for the Orange County Fair. It starts July 14th. This is my at home test table, before the big competition.
As some of you may remember, last year was the first year I participated in the OC Fair. I entered a Twilight themed table scape "Picnic In The Meadow" and won first prize! Boy, was I surprised. You can click here to see pictures of it.
Well, I'm at it again....This time my table scape's theme is New Moon. I know, I know, Eclipse is the movie that's out right now, but I'm doing that one next year.
The name of the table scape is "Picnic On The Beach At La Push". The table is set for Bella and Jacob, rather than Edward, just for this one table.
I found the plates at GW, and when I saw these Twilight memorabilia bracelets at Wal-mart, I knew they would be cute as napkin rings. They were on sale, 2 dollars for all four.
I think they're cute and a little bit funny, like the movie.
I'm using some vintage wooden handed flatware I found at the swap-meet.
I lucked out finding this ceramic bowl shaped like a piece of driftwood, also from the swap-meet. I stuffed it with floral foam and moss. It's supposed to represent the large piece of driftwood Jacob and Bella always sat on at the beach.
It makes a perfect perch for the reddish colored wolf that Jacob turns into. I had to repaint this wolf. I found him at GW covered in grey, white and florescent yellow paint. He was begging me to rescue him.
I added pebbles from the the Dollar Tree and some toy motorcycles from Target. I had to paint the black one which was originally blue.
I bought the mini grapevine wreaths at Michael's and made these dream catcher's myself. I found an online tutorial and it was easy.
I enjoyed making the beaded part so much that I've decided to start making jewelry for fun. Like I need another hobby, but I can't help myself......
Here is the menu, the food items were taken from the book. The picture I copied from a library book on the Pacific North West.
I added the New Moon movie book to the table, I think people will enjoy looking at it....
Especially this page!
I'm setting my table tomorrow morning for the competition, so I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my actual fair table.