..: Oct 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13

Mini Candied Apples

I found this on the discount cart at Ralph's (Kroger's to some of you)
I decided to make mini candied apples. Though not exactly a health recipe, let's pretend we're making them to add fruit to our diets. Yeah that's it. And anti-oxidants from the chocolate chips, yeah that's it, I feel better now. Calm.

First, locate the ugliest, most embarrassing looking pair of scissors you can find. I mean really, couldn't I have found a better looking pair? This is going on my blog for Pete's sake! But, I digress, cut some small wooden coffee stirs in half or use lolly pop sticks or whatever you have hangin' around.

No, I am not exactly the queen of using a melon baller. But all of the goodies I'm gonna dip them in will hide that fact nicely, heehee.

Follow directions for whatever you choose to cover the apple, chocolate, caramel, etc. Then get to dippen'! I used mini chocolate chips and colored sugar. I set them on wax paper to harden. That's all, sooo easy! :O)

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