..: Dec 10, 2009

Thursday, December 10

Show and Tell Friday

Did you know that a grown adult person can wear one of these hats at Disneyland in broad daylight? If we wore one of these walking down the street in our neighborhood, we would surely raise some eyebrows, but at Disneyland this is the norm. I decided to start a new tradition 2 years ago and purchase one Disney Christmas hat per year, when they go on sale for half off after Christmas. Last year I also purchased some half off Santa hats, which I'm going to transform into Mickey Mouse Santa hats. I'm going to post those this Monday on my blog.
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Three Tasty Cakes

Sorry, I don't have any recipes for these. I just had to share the pictures from a Christmas luncheon I recently attended. I was told that they were made from recipes from the Barefoot Contessa. These were absolutely Delicious.

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Frosty and Santa

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