..: Jul 18, 2009

Saturday, July 18

Tablescape Thursday

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Happy Tablescape Thursday!
O.K., here is yet again, ANOTHER post about the O.C. Fair! I'm sorry, I have a bad case of
fair-itus. I promise I'll stop posting about it soon. But this year is extra exciting for me, because
I just started blogging this year and participating in Tablescape Thursday, which encouraged me to enter the tablescaping contest at the fair, where I won first prize! I still can't believe it. You can read my previous posts about it if you are having trouble sleeping, where I go on and on and on about it. Again, sorry. :O)
Anywho, This is a mosaic of the other tablescapes, some tables I used more than one picture of
just because I liked them so much. My favorites were the Disney table, which took second prize, the shell table, and the game night table. These have given me some inspiration for future table- scaping and maybe you might glean some new ideas too. You can click on the mosaic to enlarge.


Blue Monday and Mosaic Monday

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My husband entered his sports book collection
at the O.C. Fair and won 3rd place.
I'm so proud of him!

Here's my husband posing with his collection and hob-nobbing with a celebrity,
who I might add was wearing a blue shirt. :O)

We also strolled around the visual arts building, and I took these photo's of some really nice art.
My favorite picture is the bottom left corner