..: Sep 24, 2011

Saturday, September 24

Welcome To The 39th Masterpiece Monday!

Our hydrangea bush blooms with beautiful shades of bright pinks and purples in the Spring. 

After Summer's over and into Fall I really don't pay much attention to the now faded colors on the blooms.

I'm not sure why I haven't really noticed this before.  
At this time of year, they change to subtle shades of fuchsia, green, and even a little bit of blue!

Sometimes, if you stop to "smell the roses", you'll find gorgeous hydrangeas or other foliage you never noticed before.

I filled up my vase with shells, like I did for the sunflower bouquet last week.
I'm so in love with these flowers and they even blend in well with the shells.
I can't believe this bush was mostly bright pink a few months ago, and now look at the greenish blue, beautiful!

I decided this was well worth making into a Fall vignette, so I got a little crafty with some burlap.......
I figured I'd try my hand at making a wee little Fall pumpkin. I used a dinner plate and a sharpie pen for the circle.
Then I zig zag stitched a hem around the entire perimeter, 'cause you know how burlap is with all the fraying!
I stuffed it with plastic grocery bags and hand stitched the opening close, easy peasy.
For fun, I hot glued a vintage spool for the "stem" and peacock feathers for the leaves. I already had everything on hand, so it cost me nothing.
I found this pheasant plate a few months ago at a yard sale for one dollar.

The glass vase is from GW for $3.99. The shells I've collected for years.

The books are paper backs from Freecycle.
True frugal loveliness.

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