..: Apr 11, 2010

Sunday, April 11

No Sew Burlap Lampshade

I love this lampshade. I found it at GW last year for one dollar. The problem is though, that it doesn't shade the bulb very well at all. I've tolerated it because it was better than nothing and it's really cute. I've been keeping my eyes opened for another frugal solution, and it came to me in the shower where my ideas usually show up, to make a burlap cover.

One of the tricky parts was keeping the beading, which was sewn into the purple fabric.

I carefully cut all but the very bottom part of the material off, the part that the beads were threaded through. Then I wrapped thread around the material to neaten it up and keep it close to the wire hoops and out of the way and still allow the beads to dangle.

I gathered some complimentary embellishments and played around with them to see which ones I would use.

I started by hot glueing some fiber type ribbon to the bottom of the material (after measuring the new fabric against the old).

I hot glued the seam closed on the shade.

Then I removed silk flowers from their stems.I hot glued flowers and rhinestones to the bottoms of both shades. And lastly I hot glued the shades to the wire hoops.