..: Jul 16, 2010

Friday, July 16

Will wonders ever cease?

 To get in free on the first day of the OC Fair, You have to come early and wait in a line like this~this is how long the line was in front of us and...

here's how long it got behind us. And it was really hot. We waited about one hour. But it was worth free admission and parking.

We went straight to the table scapes and found out that I won 2nd place, wow, I wasn't expecting that! Another fun little piece of info that I didn't tell you yet is, that I accidentally signed up for the Professional Table Scaping instead of the regular Table Setting competition, heehee! I competed with people who do this for a living, that's why I still can't believe I won anything. I took a lot of pictures of the other tables and I'm going to share them with you this Thursday.