..: Jul 28, 2012

Saturday, July 28

Welcome To The 83rd Masterpiece Monday!

Hi, How are you? I really enjoyed all of the comments I received about my carrot flower!

This week I did a make over on my seashell cabinet.

Here is the before picture. I love this cabinet that hubs found by the curb. I added the glass door knobs.
I still had some Martha Stewart "sea glass" paint left and decided to paint the cabinet with it.
The hardest part was taping off and covering all the glass, on both sides!
Another challenge was finding a cover for the light bulb.
My free and frugal solution was to simply drape a vintage hankie over the metal bar above the bulb. Viola!
When I finished painting, I took some rough sand paper to the edges.

Here's a little seashell tour:
Sorry about the dark, blurry pics!
I also have an old bottle collection that I like mix with my shell collection.

Boogieboard Cottage

2. Feel free to link up any of your masterpiece's whether they're crafts, recipes, decor, thrifty finds, etc. (Please no direct links to etsy).

Most of all, have fun!