..: Jun 25, 2011

Saturday, June 25

Welcome To The 26th Masterpiece Monday

Super~cali~Frugal~istic Fun For The Fourth!
Having fun doesn't always have to cost a lot.....
I don't think I'd go as far as making a bathing suit out of a flour sack,
like my pal, Big Hilda,  but you get the idea.

 I keep meaning to make a craft using paint chips. You've seen it done all over blogville, right?  Pure genius I say!
 So while at the hardware store, I picked up a lot few.......
 I found a template online and cut out a bazillion stars....
I glue stick-ed stars together in groups of three and used some blue tulle ribbon to make a patriotic banner.
 I hot glued the the star clusters to every knot I tied with the tulle, which made it easy to glue.
 Next I used a glue stick to glue two different paint chips back to back and squared them off by cutting them 5"X5" to make them into pin wheels.
 I used a stapler to fasten the center of each pin wheel and hot glued silver pipe cleaners to cover the staples. I hot glued the pin wheels to paint stir sticks.

Craft 1~Pin Wheels
 Craft 2~Banner
 Craft 3~Candles
 Craft 4~ Picture Frame Inserts 
 And here it all is together, mixed with things I already had around the house.

 Do you like my patriotic angel? I found her at a yard sale months ago for one dollar! :O)