..: Aug 30, 2010

Monday, August 30

Fall Sunflower Jewelry Tutorial

Summer's coming to a close and soon it'll be time to pull out the Fall clothes. This is a really easy Fall necklace to make, and can be worn with a variety of things from dresses to jeans-and-a-white-T-shirt. It easily adds a pop of Fall color to even the most neutral of wardrobes.

I bought two rolls of ribbon from the Dollar Store. One wide, Fall color, wire ribbon, for the sunflower. I used 18".

One narrow, non-wire ribbon for the necklace. I used 24".

I singed the ends of the black ribbon to keep it from fraying.
I purchased my jump rings and chain from Wal-Mart.

I folded the chain in half and added a jump ring on either side, using round nose pliers to open and close the rings.
I made sure the the chain was folded so as to make one row a little shorter than the other.

I tied the ribbon using a square knot onto the jump rings.

This is a little assortment of shabby little jewelry bits I picked up at the flea market this past weekend. I disassembled the necklace shown at the top of the picture below and added the beaded strand to my necklace. The rest is for future creations.

To make the sunflower, all I did was pull one of the wire sections off. I didn't singe the raw edge, but you can if you want to.

I pulled on the remaining wire side to gather the ribbon.
Next I used the piece of ribbon which I pulled off as the sunflower center.

I just folded it a few times.

I wrapped the gathered ribbon around it and wrapped the wire around the underneath part to secure it.

I fluffed and arranged the loops on the top side of the sunflower and attached it to the necklace with some of the wire on the back. You can also sew it on or even hot glue it to a pin back. I might go back and do the later option. That way I can attach the sunflower separately to blouses and purses, etc.

Here it is after I added the flea market beads.
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