..: Apr 3, 2011

Sunday, April 3

Welcome To Masterpiece Monday #14

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was a blast!! We had a bonfire party at the beach for our oldest foster son who turned 18! Wow, hard for me to believe. He was our first ever child of any kind and we love him like our own. He was the first person to ever give me a Mother's Day card, sniff!!!!

In April, the fire pit's at the beach are pretty much yours for the taking, in the Summer time, they're few and far in between. Or is that far and few in between?
 We had a ton of fire wood to say the least!
 No beach party is ever complete without live guitar music!
We also brought enough junk food to sink a battle ship. Although, if you squint your eyes and peek over to the right of the table, between the Cheese-its and Chex Mix, you'll see that someone brought a really healthy fruit salad.
 Just a shot to show you how cloudy it was. Two days prior it was sunny and 90 degrees! But The cloud cover actually made it warm, huh, so I guess that's OK, because the party started at 4PM anyway and we didn't need it to be sunny anyway.
My son's friends all sang him happy birthday....
 Everyone is so nice and sooooo well behaved! After the song, it was cupcake time!  Then all of a sudden, it started............
CUPCAKE WAR!!!!!!!!!!!
 The boy below wearing a Santa hat, (hilarious) was my foster son's victim at another past beach party,  when my foster son went to his birthday beach party......and now, it was payback time.
There were many casualties....
 Here is a picture of Santa hat boy sneaking up on his unsuspecting prey.....
Vendetta's abounded, no one was safe as everyone got in on the act.
So I guess I'd have to say that this week,
My masterpiece would have to be this party.
We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and ate and sang and laughed,
And I think this was the most fun I've had in a long time. :O)

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