Thursday, April 16

My Very First Foodie Friday!

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Making Your Own Sprouts

This is soooooooooooo easy!!!
No matter where you live or what time of year it is, you can easily grow fresh greens in your kitchen. I not only use them on salad, I also use them on sandwiches and tacos or whenever I need a stand in for lettuce. And they're packed with vitamins. :O)

1) in a large jar, soak about 1/4 C. of seeds over night in tepid water
2) cover the top of the jar with cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band
3) rinse and drain everyday with tepid water for about 4-5 days & store jar on it's side in a dark spot
4) after they're sprouted, store in a closed, plastic container in the fridge

My little ducks were excited about the sprouts

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Alfalfa Sprout and Asparagus Salad

I had fun picking nasturtium and lavender flowers from the yard, and I mixed what I happened to have on hand, asparagus from the 99 Cent Store, Italian parsley, Romain lettuce, radishes, carrots, red and green onions, Parmesan cheese. I used my home made French vinagrette dressing, how-to's for the dressing are in my recipes in the side bar.