..: Jun 30, 2011

Thursday, June 30

My Top Ten Fav Picks Of Masterpiece Monday #26

Feathering an empty nest....sniff. 
If anyone has been reading my blog for the past couple of weeks, you know that my oldest and very first foster son, Anthony, has grown up and left the nest. 
So, instead of just leaving his room empty, I'm now converting it into an office/craft studio.

For now I've left the letters I put on his bedroom door the night before he moved 
in with us, years ago.  I can't seem to take them down yet. 
 First things first. the room needed to be repainted.....badly.  We went to the local dump were you can take home recycled household products, including paint, for free! (It's a very clean and organized little area).
 I got five cans of white paint.  I ended up using one full unused can of Sherwinn Williams/ Dover white satin. the rest I'll use for all of my other painting projects I have lined up for this Summer. :O)
 Here is the before picture. Do you notice the worn marks on the wall from where his bed was? This room was painted Martha Stewart "cornmeal". Back in the day, Boogieboard Cottage used to have a red and yellow color country theme through out the entire house. This is the very last of it. It was a great color for a boys room though.
Ta-Da!!!! I love Dover white! And it was free! :O)
 I have moved all of the furniture into the room, but there's too much to post, so I'll just show one area at a time.
I'll start with the curtains. I didn't want to put the "boy cave" curtains back up. They're dark and stripey.
 I searched through my stash for something light and cottagey. I found two curtain panels I purchased at a yard sale. They're the same exact material, but two different styles. One is way longer than the other.
 And completely different on top! But I love the airy feeling of the fabric. This is a perfect  opportunity for frugality.
 First I smoothed one side down by draping it over the curtain rod and safety pinning it.
 Next, I gathered and tied the two curtains together, creating one common length.
 I used my extra long vintage tablecloth to conceal the top of the curtains. I love the print, the hibiscus flowers give this a beachy look.
I folded it long ways and used some white cord to to tie it in the center, and there you have it. Simple and free.

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