..: Aug 8, 2010

Sunday, August 8

A Freecycle Motherload!

Hi Everyone, How are you?

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time,
no doubt you've heard me mention Freecycle.org. For those of you who haven't heard of it, click on the link and check it out, it's great! Freecycle's main goal is to keep as much trash out of landfills as possible. Recycle, reuse, re-purpose. Sounds good to me! I've been a member for years and it's free to join. They have groups worldwide and they might have one in your area. If there isn't one in your area, they tell you how to start one! Last Friday, a Freecycle member in my area was moving and asked other members to come by and take whatever was left on her driveway that she no longer wanted. Here is what I brought home:

4 Aysley "Henley pattern"fine china tea cups and saucers
Wolfgang Puck Bistro collection pan
Pair of vintage china salt and pepper shakers
Large white ironstone platter
Vintage jelly jar
Box full of cups, glasses, bowls
Wire shelf rack
Cleaning supplies, aluminum foil, sandwich bags, new dish towels.
Shampoo, band aids, baby powder, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol.
Oldies CD's, small Christmas ornaments, two types of laundry hampers, two warm shirts for hubby, Hawaiian style beach towel, one new blanket and one vintage bedspread, outdoor pots, some vintage, two yard sticks, door mat, large ball of twine, a large gazing ball on a clay stand.

I also found a pink cotton L.L. Bean sweater, a turquoise, 100% lambswool sweater made in Scotland by Stewart's of Jedburgh, and a large, beautiful pink and turquoise rayon scarf.

Two vintage prints by W.L. Taylor, "Home-keeping Hearts Are Happiest" and "The Hanging of The Crane".
"Sublime" Eau De Parfum by Jean Patou, Paris
Perisan Wood colone by Avon, bergamont essential oil, decorative perfume bottle, magnifying mirror, electric pillar candle, votive, scented candle, round vintage cardboard box, vintage rhinestone earrings, two key chains with heart shapes and two small gift bags.
There were several people there who stuffed their cars full, and there still were a lot of things left over when I went home, including a free washer and dryer and a stand up freezer and a dresser with an attached mirror.

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