..: May 20, 2009

Wednesday, May 20

Tablescape Thursday

I utilized my yard sale finds from last Saturday for this weeks table scape. The sailboat candle holder, napkins, place mats and table cloth cost me a whopping 75 cents! The yellow roses were free from my backyard and everything else I had on hand. You can click on my mosaic to enlarge the pictures.

Please visit our wonderful Tablescape Thursday hostess, Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch and check out all of the really talented Tablescape Thursday posts! :O)


Thank You Rainey!

My Story
Until January of this year, I've never had high speed internet service, owned or used a digital camera, or blogged. We've spent the last four years dedicating ourselves to a frugal lifestyle. Although we are still as dedicated as ever to that lifestyle, we've completely paid down all of our debt and now can enjoy having a few things like high speed internet. Even though I do miss paying only $8.95 per month for dial up internet, I don't miss how excruciatingly slow it was. I soon discovered how to create my own blog for free, FREE, my favorite price! And I found a digital camera on sale at Target to use for my new blog. OK, I don't know who they hire to write those instructions they include with their cameras, but it's not someone who understands how to explain technology to me. It took me hours of reading the instructions over and over, to figure out how to transfer my digital pictures onto my computer then onto my blog. I became frustrated and took a break and turned on the TV. Just around that same time there was a camera commercial out on TV which showed a little four year old girl skipping over to her laptop computer and downloading pictures off of her digital camera within seconds! I had to laugh. Then back to my computer and I had to experiment until I found the edit button which the camera instructions never indicated. Since then I've been so happily blogging and being a part of blogland! One thing that I've been noticing all over blogland are those beautiful mosaic pictures everyone except me, seems to know how to make. With my very limited techno skills, I've been trying for about a month to unsuccessfully figure out how to make one. Then on Metamorphosis Monday, I visited Rainey @ Really Rainey and saw her beautiful mosaic she made and learned about Mary @Little Red House and her Mosaic Monday. I mentioned to Rainey that I was trying to learn how to make a mosaic. She so kindly and graciously offered to help me learn how to make a mosaic. I explained my severe lack of techno skills to her, so she would know what she was getting herself into, but she wasn't detoured and proceeded to help me anyway. With her great way of explaining things, I was soon able to make and email her my first mosaic. Thanks Rainey! :O)