..: Apr 5, 2012

Thursday, April 5

My Top Ten Fav Picks From MM #66

I recycled some egg shells into miniature flower vases. First I tried some pink boxwood, cute, eh?
Then I decided to try an all white look.....
I made some into little candles by adding a tea light.
Others I filled with narcissus.
These are the free bulbs I received from Freecycle awhile back.
I adorned some canning jars with bits and pieces found at yard sales.
This bunny broach was missing it's back pin and I glued it onto a tarnished copper piece and hung a crystal on it.
So easy.

Starfish Quilt by Sea Quilts

Easter Decor From Ciao Newport Beach

Faux Painted Door by Artsy VaVa

Bird's Nest Cookies From The Money Pit

Altered Egg Carton by Cherished Treasures

Jalapeno Lime Steak by Paint Speckled Pawprints

Shabby Love by Revisionary Life

Easter Pillow by Confessions Of A Plate Addict

Shabby Coastal by Beachcomber

Flower Punch Eggs by Alderberry Hill