..: Aug 1, 2010

Sunday, August 1

Crystal Cove State Beach

We went down to Crystal Cove State Beach last Friday, The weather wasn't too hot, but just right. After we parked, we hiked through a nature trail on a wooden boardwalk before reaching the cliffs. There were a lot of native shrubs and small critters, I'm making a mental note to come back in the Spring when every things really blooming.
Once you make it to the cliffs, the view is beautiful. We followed a narrow, dirt trail along the edge of the cliffs, thankfully there's a fence, till we reached the staircase.
We had a really great time exploring the tide pools, with the unusual squarish rock formations.
I'm happy that we wore water shoes, flip flops just don't work well on uneven, slippery rocks and tennis shoes get too water logged. And we hiked back up the trail in them on the way back. I highly recommend them for tide pooling.
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