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Saturday, November 20

DIY Shabby Christmas Tree And More

Hi, How are you? I've been busy fixing up the place for Christmas!
 Thank you for your kind comments on my silver and burlap Christmas decorations! I'm glad you liked them. :O)
Here's some more stuff~
I found an old (not vintage) falling apart bible by the curb on top of a stack of paper. Instead of letting it become trash, I rescued it. I decided to make it into a Christmas tree.  (Kinda fitting, I thought)
This isn't the greatest tutorial, but this was pretty easy to make.

I went to home depot and purchased some plaster of Paris and one dowel about the width of a broom handle for the trunk and some 1/4" for the branches.
Before mixing the plaster of paris, I criss-cross drilled holes for the 1/4 " dowels.  Instead of angling the holes for the dowels in the "+" position, I opted for the "x" position. After securing the "trunk" in the dried plaster, I inserted the dowels. 
I figured that this "x" positioning of the dowels will allow me to place the tree close to a wall and save room.
Now for the pages. First I covered the trunk with Elmer's glue using a sponge brush and applied the pages and also wall papered the inside of the pot. Sorry, no pictures. I told you this wasn't a very good tutorial......
I used about 40 pages for the branches. I folded each page in half. I trimmed the open edges with fancy scissors. Then using straight scissors, I made 1/4" cuts down the entire length, being careful not to cut through the folded end.
I don't know if you can tell in the above picture, but I attached a long piece of scotch tape to the folded end of the page. I decided to use tape to attach the paper branches. I think that hot glue would have been too messy.
I started at the tip of each branch, working towards the trunk. The tape made it fast and easy to wind the paper around the dowels to form the pine needles. I love the weathered color of the pages and the bits of scripture showing. I wrapped a small strip of paper at the end of each branch, by the trunk. This hid the scotch tape that showed a little bit. I used  a glue stick to secure those strips only.
All done! It fits on my side table perfectly. And because of the positioning of the dowels, it can sit flush up against the wall.
Here is a little close up.
Here's another close up showing the wall papered inside of the planter. I recycled the bits of pages that I clipped off and used them as filling.
Now, how shall I decorate it?
I made some ocean themed goodies a week or so ago, that I haven't gotten around to posting about. I think they'll look nice with the new tree.  First, I re-did this little box I papered. I embellished it with my beachy Christmas theme.
I'm definitely addicted to sparkly pipe cleaners, as you can tell!
I cut out words from old Christmas cards.
I've always loved mermaids. I also made six mermaid tree ornaments.
I used white scallop shells and a hot glue gun.
I glued blue tulle and white ribbon with a branch design on it to resemble seaweed.
I printed some mermaids and cut out the shapes and added  messages from more old Christmas cards.
I made stars, tree branches and little wreaths out of silver pipe cleaners.
I added pearls. sequins, shells,
little embroidered stars and puffy sparkle balls.
I made each one different and unique.
These were very easy to make and I basically used what I already had on hand, so they were practically free! :O)
I like that they add Christmas wishes and additional scripture to my tree made from scripture.

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