..: Mar 3, 2013

Sunday, March 3

Welcome To The 113th Masterpiece Monday!

I saw a Spring wreath like this at Walmart and decided to make one myself. 
All you need is  a wreath, some burlap, long enough to go around your wreath and wide enough to make pleats. And some wire and wire cutters.
 Fold the burlap like you would to make a paper fan and iron each pleat.
 Attach it to the wreath with the wire.The back side won't look very pretty, but it doesn't matter.
 Flip your wreath over and arrange and fluff your pleats.

Then have fun adding your decorations  I found this birds nest at the 99 cent store.

 I cut myself a little paper white bouquet from our front yard.

 These sweet little moss bunny's were 2 for 1 at the 99 cent store. I decided to make them into topiary's. I also got the green mercury glass votives from there.

 I made a little Easter banner too. It's hard to see, but I used silver glitter stickers for the letter's

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2. Feel free to link up any of your masterpiece's whether they're crafts, recipes, decor, thrifty finds, etc. (Please no direct links to etsy).

Most of all, have fun!