..: Sep 1, 2012

Saturday, September 1

Welcome To The 88th Masterpiece Monday!


Well, I'm back in picture taking business, yay! No thanks the the new Vivitar 7122 digital camera I bought, I really struggled with it! It wasn't user friendly at all and barely had any instructions included with it. It had an 800 number to call, but I didn't want to spend my time on the phone and going online produced very little results. I just needed a good a manual. But what did I expect from a 30 dollar camera anyway?  It was really irritating and confusing, so I took it back to Target and purchased the Nikon cool pix L25. It was more expensive of course, but $89.99 didn't seem too bad of a price. And it's very similar to my Kodak, I love it. It came in silver color which I also like.

Anywhoo, here's my first post with my new camera!  An Earring Tutortial:
I used two pieces of 20 guage silver plated wire cut into 4" pieces.
I wrapped the wire around a broom handle to get a good curve. And next I made a smaller curl in the center with my round nose pliers. Then I bent a sharp curve on the wider opened end with the round nose pliers.

Since I don't yet have the proper tools to harden and flatten metal wire, I hammered the bottom swirl section with a the smooth side of a meat tenderizing mallot against my cement floor in the garage.
Last, I just added a bead, soooooo easy!

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2. Feel free to link up any of your masterpiece's whether they're crafts, recipes, decor, thrifty finds, etc. (Please no direct links to etsy).

Most of all, have fun!