..: May 11, 2012

Friday, May 11

My Top Ten Fav Picks Of MM #71

Lookee what got, for free!

 This is a PB "flat braided" sisal rug 5X8.  My PB  catalog says it costs $289.00 new.
 This one has unraveling on one end. That end is tucked under the couch and doesn't show at all.  That's why it was being given away.
 I love it.  I was concerned as to what my four cats might do to it though. Would they think it was a giant scratching pad?  Well, to my surprise, they didn't, but........
 Guess who Chistened it with a giant hairball? I know, I lead a very glamorous life.
 But at least I now know my new carpet cleans up pretty well. I scrubbed lightly with a scrub  brush and Dawn dish detergent and water and I blotted it with paper towels.
 Thank you, CooCoo.

And now for the top ten! If you were featured this week, feel free to grab a featured button from my side bar.

Upcycled Pickle Jar by Artsy VaVa

Rainbow Waves by Beachcomber

Chipotle Strawberry Jam by Cookin' Up Good Times

Fish Net Candle by Made In A Day

Crazy For Cubbies by Maple And Magnolia

Chalkboard by Home Frosting

Shabby Tool Box by Confessions Of A Plate Addict

Tomato Feta Salad by Woven Home

Succulent Book Planter by Second Chance To Dream

Potato And Onion Tart by Watch Out Martha!