..: Jan 16, 2010

Saturday, January 16

An Early Valentine Table

Target had these cute fuchsia colored metallic heart shaped plastic plates for $1.79 each. They had them in red too. They had a lot of other really cute Valentine plates this year that I was tempted to buy, but I was able to stop at these, after gawking at the others for quite awhile.

I also decided to make do with flowers from my yard. This New Zealand Tea Tree with red flowers has beautiful blooms all winter and the lavender is always in bloom. We have tons of both and they go with the Valentines color scheme. Best of all, they're free.

Add some white, fluffy angels wings......

a white vintage lace table cloth,

a sprinkling of hearts......

don't forget the crackle glasses!There we go.

A homemade Valentine banner.

A wreath from Big Lot's and....

wreaths from GW.
Finish off with an Eiffel Tower discovered at a yard sale, oh la-la!

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Metamorphosis Monday

This is the before of the wall over my couch. I got the picture for free, from Freecycle, and I really like it. But I want something different and more neutral.

Here's the after, I already had the mirror and all four frames came from The 99 Cent Store. The pictures in the frames are the ones they came with. I'm planning on replacing them with my own black and white photography and tweaking or adding to the arrangement.

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Mosaic Monday

This cute little book (5"x5") is entitled Perfect Pairs by Hulton Getty and was a free curb find. It has quotes and sayings pertaining to love and 50 different vintage black and white photos of Hollywood love duos. I like to display it around this time of year with my Valentines decorations.

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Ever have one of those days?

I may go back to GW and buy this mug when it's half off. I don't really need another mug, but this one makes me smile.

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