..: Oct 15, 2010

Friday, October 15

Roger's Gardens In Newport Beach, Ca

I try to get over to Roger's Garden's at least once every season. They always have a great Fall display. I thought I would take you on a little tour. They had tons of pumpkins every where. Orange and white, in every size and shape. I didn't check to see what these were called (naturally) but I like these big white flattened ones the best.

My favorite Antique store, Country Roads, loaned out some antiques for Roger's Gardens to use as displays. I think the cabinet below might be from there. Sue, if you're reading this, please let me know if anything in this post is from your store. :O) Sue has a really great blog called 
Just Practicing Random Acts Of Kindness
where you can find beautiful pictures of her store.
Oh also, I should point out that these pictures are in no particular order. How cute are there these pumpkin dolls?
I thought these Wicked Witch of the West legs were clever.
This owl looks just like the one I just painted only it lights up, very cute.
O.K., here's some of the weird, spooky stuff they do. They had this mannequin theme through out the store. I don't remember what the mannequin was saying, but there was a recording playing of a kind of evil sounding mannequin talking to the white rats. Pretty creepy. We'll see him again later in this post too.
Anywho, after you pass the creepy mannequin, there are a lot of neat sparkly decorations.

This is where I got my idea for my recent table scape. I really like the birds in the tree and really love the black owl.
I may have to go back and get this owl, I. love. him.
Look at how creepy this coo coo clock bird is! How do people think these things up? Very Creative!

Here comes the rest of the creepy mannequin area. These electrical pumpkin faces blink off and on.

The creepy little mannequin is pictured here, blowing up a toy store.

These dolls creep me out!
Here is the supposed hole blown in the wall next to the blinkie pumpkins.

How about a nice vending machine full of large rats? They had these rats for sale too.
This I think is supposed to be part of a pretend toy factory or toy shipping area........
and here is the creepy little mannequin escaping from his package to reap havoc on unsuspecting toys.

A nice cabinet full of eyeballs.
Here is some tamer outdoor decor with pumpkins. I like how they just added simple white pumpkins to their regular plant displays.
My second favorite pumpkins are those small white ones with the orange stripes. Cute, eh?
I love these wooden pumpkin head guys.

They had their Christmas room all set up too and it was gorgeous! I'll be posting those pictures next month.

Do you have a favorite place to visit with fun holiday decorations?

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