..: Mar 28, 2010

Sunday, March 28

Warning: pictures of my cat's stitches

An update on Festus:
I posted last week about how Festus was attacked and mauled by another animal. This is a picture of him in the hospital a few hours after surgery, one day after being attacked. He was in the hospital for four days to receive beriatric oxygen therapy on his leg. The doctor was astounded by his recovery. He was up and walking on three legs by the first day after therapy. My little guy's a trooper.

Below is Festus one week after surgery. The doctor wanted us to put a cone around his collar and keep him in a cage for one month!
I could never picture doing either of those things to him, it would just be too depressing for him.

We decided to keep him in our bedroom. But right away he ignored the bed we made for him on the floor and started jumping onto the bed. (even with only three working legs). He's not supposed to run or use stairs and especially not jump up onto a bed. But that's where he normally sleeps, is on our bed with us, because he's a big baby and we spoil him.

So, what would the practical, simple, frugal solution be? We dragged our bed frame and box springs out to the garage and put our mattress smack dab onto the floor, 70's style. Makes me want to burn some incense and listen to Abbey Road, but I digress....

Anyway, we're trying as hard as we can to make him happy and keep his spirits up. He's also not allowed to go outside for 60 days, so I open the sliding glass door in our bedroom, with the screen closed, during the day, so he can bird watch.

Basically, we're just spoiling him rotten.........even more than usual,

Which is o.k. with him.

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