..: Apr 27, 2011

Wednesday, April 27

My Top Ten Fav Picks from Masterpiece Monday #17 and Two Of The Many Reason's I Love Living Here.

One of the reasons I love living in Orange County California, is Trader Joe's!  Especially their flowers and flower prices. I found this beautiful  bouquet of runucula's for $3.49! Usually I like to try to glean free flowers from my yard, but Trader Joe's has a much bigger selection than my yard does!

 I found this aluminum tray at a yard sale last weekend for .50 cents, sweet!

 Another reason I love living here is that I LOVE Disneyland. Like I would would marry it if I could.
 Here's one of the fun ways to hitch a ride to Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
 I swear this horse was actually posing! Isn't he sweet?
 And don't forget the double decker bus!
 My pirate man.

Now for the top ten picks......

Clock Makeover by West Furniture Revival

A Little Love Story at Magpies And Magnolias

Vintage Find at Fishtail Cottage

DIY Iron And Wooden Table at Far Above Rubies

Srteusel Bread from The Ricket Chronicals

Interchangeable Ribbon Necklace by The Crafty Scientist

Upcycled Pillow by Momma Hen

Sunburst Silverware Clock by Sugar And Spice In The Land Of Balls And Sticks

Holly's Easter Outfit by Cozy Home Scenes

 Chair Makeover at Marine To A Housewife